Renfield movie release date, cast, plot, and more

Nicolas Cage is becoming Dracula in a horror-comedy movie from Chris McKay, but what do we know about the Renfield movie release date

Renfield movie release date

What is the Renfield movie release date, and what do we know about the cast, plot, and more? Renfield is an upcoming horror comedy movie, centring around the character of Renfield, who was originally written as Dracula’s loyal servant when the novel was originally released by Bram Stoker.

Chris McKay is directing the vampire movie, coming off the back of the science fiction movie The Tomorrow War. Renfield, from Universal Pictures, will explore exactly what it’s like to be Dracula’s chief henchman, with a touch of both horror and some laughter along the way.

In anticipation of the monster movie, we’ve been to Transylvania and back in order to get all the information available about the movie into one place. So, if you want to know the Renfield movie release date, cast, plot, and more, look no further; the answers are below. Enter, if you dare.

What is the Renfield movie release date?

Renfield is set for a theatrical release on April 14, 2023.

The movie is expected to release exclusively in theatres and will then be available to watch on streaming services and VOD.

Renfield movie release date: Nicholas Hoult as Tolkien in Tolkien movie

Who is in the Renfield movie cast?

The Renfield movie cast has some big names. The ones that will likely stand out most are Nicolas Cage, Nicholas Hoult, and Awkwafina. The trio will act as the horror movie‘s three main characters, and there are other familiar names in supporting roles.

But who are the trio portraying in the vampire movie? Most importantly, perhaps, who is playing the Lord of Darkness, Dracula, himself?

The Renfield cast is:

  • Nicholas Hoult as Renfield
  • Nicolas Cage as Dracula
  • Awkwafina as Rebecca Quincy
  • Ben Schwartz as Teddy Lobo
  • Adrian Martinez as Chris Marcos
  • Shohreh Aghdashloo as Ella
  • Bess Rous as Caitlyn
  • James Moses Black as Captain J. Browning
  • Caroline Williams as Vanessa
  • Brandon Scott Jones in an unconfirmed role

Nicholas Hoult will lead the cast as the titular character Renfield. It is his first time in a leading role since the release of Tolkien, in 2019, in which the actor played the creator of the Lord of the Rings and Middle-earth, JRR Tolkien. This will be a completely different shift in gears as the actor pivots to comedy and horror.

Renfield movie: Nicholas Hoult as Tolkien in Tolkien

In a piece of particularly inspired casting, Nicholas Cage will be portraying the vampire lord Dracula. That’s bound to be a lot of fun, as the actor embodies the most recognisable icon of horror. Set photos (via People) have shown the actor in character, with sharp yellow fingernails, purple lips, pale skin, slicked-back hair, and deeply coloured clothing.

Awkwafina also joins the cast as Rebecca Quincy, who will act as Renfield’s burgeoning love interest. Awkwafina showed off her comedic talents in MCU movie Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings. She highlighted that she was able to combine humour with an emotional heart, which bodes well for her role in the upcoming release.

There will likely be cast updates in the near future, so we’ll keep you informed with the latest news as we get it.

Renfield movie release date: Awkwafina in Shang-Chi

What is the Renfield movie plot?

The majority of what we know about the plot has come from comments made by some of the people behind the horror movie. We know that it will be a horror comedy exploring the relationships that Renfield has with those around him, and his devotion to the Count as he develops a romantic interest in a local traffic cop.

We also know that the movie will be set in modern day New Orleans, and has previously been compared to the Taikia Waititi movie What We Do in the Shadows. Waititi’s movie was another horror comedy movie (though, let’s be honest, mostly comedy) about vampires living in modern-day America.

The story was pitched by comic book writer Robert Kirkman. Kirkman is best known as the creator of the comic book horror series The Walking Dead, and has said that Renfield “a story about him being Dracula’s henchman and how shitty a job that is.” He has also said that the movie will be “a fun, extremely violent comedy”, so expect plenty of laughs along with the frights.

Renfield movie release date: Christopher Lee as Dracula in Dracula

Renfield movie trailer speculation

The Renfield movie does not currently have a trailer, but with the release date not too far away, you can expect some official images to drop within the next few months. These should be followed by a first trailer for the comedy movie, where audiences will be able to get their first look at the movie’s characters in action.

To help you as you wait for the film, check out the trailer to Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘90s movie Bram Stoker’s Dracula instead:

YouTube Thumbnail

That’s all the information that you need to know about the horror movie for now. Make sure to check back in for updates as they roll in.

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