Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

is a Japanese voice?actor from Hokkaido. He is affiliated with I'm?Enterprise.[1] He was honored at the 6th?Seiyu?Awards for Best New Actor in 2012 and the 10th?Seiyu?Awards for Best Lead Actor in 2016. He is best known for being the voice of Kirito from Sword?Art?Online, Sorata Kanda from The?Pet?Girl?of?Sakurasou, Sora from No?Game?No?Life, Arata Kasuga/Astral Trinity from Trinity?Seven, S?ma Yukihira from Food?Wars!:?Shokugeki?no?Soma, and Masamune Izumi from Eromanga?Sensei. As of June 17, 2019, he is the current official Guinness?World?Record holder for the most unique sound bites provided by a voice actor at an exceeded 10,000 words in Danmachi - Memoria Freese.

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