Paradise Hills trailer: This Emma Roberts-led fairy tale is a feast for the eyes

Alice Waddington's directorial debut plays at the Fantasia International Film Festival tomorrow

Final Hellboy trailer: David Harbour brings the horror

Lionsgate drop an action-packed sizzle reel just before its release

New red-band Hellboy trailer: It’s time to stop the apocalypse

A new trailer arrived online a few hours ago <br />

Hellboy trailer: Big Red is back and he's in London

Released ahead of schedule after a leak earlier today

Shock and Awe trailer: Rob Reiner's new film investigates the lies behind the Iraq War

A group of journalists try to uncover the real reason for the 2003 invasion

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Review

Will Alice finally clock out of the Umbrella Corporation for good?

Survivor Review

Framed for a terrorist act she didn't commit. On the run from the law.

Resident Evil: Retribution Review

Sony return to the well for another instalment of zombie blasting mayhem

Resident Evil: Retribution Review

Fifth time's the charm for the Milla Jovovich vs. zombies franchise?

Resident Evil: Afterlife Review

A belated review of the latest entry in the long-running zombie franchise, with the undead mayhem now in 3D...

Resident Evil: Extinction Review

Anderson and Mulcahy on the same movie? The New York Film Critics Circle have been burning the DVDs in disgust...

Resident Evil: Extinction Review

You're dead scared...face your fear!

Resident Evil: Extinction Review

The first two were rubbish - no reason to change things now....

Resident Evil: Apocalypse Review

Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the R1 Canadian release of <b>Resident Evil: Apocalypse</b>. Alliance Atlantis' 2-disc DVD features plenty of interesting bonus materials but suffers from having crammed separate widescreen and fullscreen version on to the same disc... and oh yeah, there's the small problem of the film itself.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse Review

The poop really hits the fan in Alexander Witt's shoddy sequel to <i>Resident Evil</i>, which has the zombie menace spreading into the city. D.J. Nock reviews the UK disc, released tomorrow.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse Review

Picking up where Resident Evil left off, a genetically-altered Alice wakes up to find Raccoon City now infected with the T-virus and sealed off from the outside world. She, along with a ragtag group of survivors must find a way out while avoiding zombies and a new threat in the form of the deadly Nemesis. Tiffany Bradford reviews the US theatrical release of Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

Resident Evil Review

<b>Eamonn McCusker</b> has reviewed the Region 2 release of <a href="index.cgi?page=Review&id=1370&story=4436">Resident Evil</a>, the latest videogame adaptation from Hollywood and one that should see many more to come.<p><p>