Tim Baker unveils new video 'The Eighteenth Hole' alongside early 2020 tour dates

Shot in Newfoundland by both Adrian Vieni and Amos Le Blanc, Tim Baker's video for 'The Eighteenth Hole' outlines the fractures that can happen in love-torn relationships. The director duo arrived in Newfoundland (having never been there before) and shot completely unscripted until they found their narrative, using photographic inspiration from Terrence Malick and some of Baker's own sketches.

Adrian describes the video's ethos, "The Eighteenth Hole is an intimate study of human emotion and connection. It acts as a time capsule, capturing the profound impact others have on us throughout our lives, and the shared experiences that connect us. With each moment, we're reminded of the choices we’ve made, the trajectory we’ve taken, and people we’ve met that have shaped us into who we are today."

Tim says "It was the first video I’ve ever been a part of where I was almost completely hands off with the production. My manager Jase reached out to Amos, who we’ve been a fan of for quite some time, and shared a series of scenes that I’d dreamt up. It was decided that he would fly to Newfoundland with his producer, cinematographer and crew and use pretty much the entire budget just slowly shooting as many beautiful, sad, interesting scenes as they could in a week. I never saw anything until the first assembly about a month later. I love it so much. It’s very fitting but open, nostalgic but new and I hope you like it."

Tim Baker is playing the following dates in the UK and Ireland in January and February:

January 24 Henry Tudor House - Shrewsbury
January 26: Upstairs at Whelans - Dublin, Ireland
January 29: Acapella, Cardiff
January 31: Hare on the Hill - Bristol
February 2: Prince Albert, Brighton

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