The Temperance Movement - Tender (live at Abbey Road)

With their new record, White Bear on the way on 15th January 2016, The Temperance Movement have released a live version of the Blur classic as an early Christmas present.

On covering the Britpoppers, guitarist Paul Sayer said “The main reason for particularly wanting to cover Blur was that they're a band that was really of our childhood. As great as it is when you're growing up to discover all the amazing, timeless bands in your parents record collection, there's nothing like hearing fresh, new music when you're 14 and knowing that you're a part of the generation that's hearing it for the first time. That's what Blur was for us. ‘Tender’ was the perfect Blur song for us to cover because although they're as Indie as it gets that song has a huge amount of Soul in it, which is something we feel we have in our music as well.”

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