TDF video premiere: Harrow Fair's acoustic 'Sins We Made'

We're excited to bring you another video premiere, this time from Americana duo Harrow Fair (aka Miranda Mulholland and Andrew Penner.

'Sins We Made' is the title track from their album, released in April 2020. This new version was recorded at a remote lakeside cottage during the summer, after the album release. You can get the song now from your usual outlets. We'll let Miranda and Andrew tell you more:

Andrew:  "This acoustic version is the boiled-down essence of the song.  All that’s on the track is acoustic guitar, violin, vocals, and a few barks of a dog that was passing through.  I love this version because, it’s two people in a room, communicating an idea, in a real and raw way with nothing to hide behind.”

Miranda:  "After our recording session on my island, I started thinking about constraints, such as being on an island, as a concept. At my cottage, everything must be carried down a hill, rowed over in a boat, and then carried up a hill, which sets automatic restrictions on what can be brought over. This limitation influenced our recording of the song and forced us to strip it down to its foundation, and it made the song's meaning feel different than the album version.  For the video, I wanted to impose a similar kind of constraint. If I could only use free stock videos from all kinds of sources from around the globe, could I create a new narrative that could live in this new video-collage world? I wanted the new world to mirror the landscape where we recorded the song, and I chose clips based on that. While editing, I enjoyed choosing and altering the clips to serve my narrative and was constantly reminded that you don't always see what is just out of the frame. I hope some of that came across!"

For more information on Harrow Fair check out their website, or follow their socials: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

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