TDF Premiere: Liquid State -'Temper'

Bristol alternative metal quartet Liquid State released their debut EP ‘Save Yourself’ on the 6th July 2018. After forming in early 2017, Liquid State entered the Underdog Battle Of The Bands competition in Bristol and were fortunate enough to win. They then went on to be interviewed by ITV and the Bristol Post and then played to a packed crowd at the O2 Academy in Bristol.

“We’re the kids who grew up in the mosh pit right next to you. We want to create the feelings that we experience when we see our favourite bands and the only way to do that is to follow in their footsteps and lay it all out on the line.

Their debut offering is full of driving riffs, massive choruses and comes packed with attitude. “We just want to play shows, make music and share that journey with anyone who wants to follow along. We’d be so stoked to see people connect with our music the way we connect with our favourite bands, but ultimately I think we’d all still be making music together even if everyone else hates it!”

For fans of Marmozets and Dream StateLiquid State are thriving to be in the spotlight and this debut offering is the perfect outlet to get them heading in the right direction.

"Temper was written after having an argument with my boyfriend. I had been wound up by him and his stubborn attitude so drastically that at the time of the argument I would have done anything to have gotten away from him. I took the anger that I felt and put it into context, linking it with other feelings I felt during other arguments I had had with people. As someone who gets stressed easily I often get extremely overwhelmed by multiple emotions hitting me all at once and therefore tend to lose my temper very quickly and easily, consequently resulting in the lyrical content of Temper. 

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