Stefanie Parnell shares video for her new track, 'If I Leave'

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Stefanie Parnell has been on our radar for a while - and for good reason. Today she releases the video for her new track, the affecting 'If I Leave'.

Talking about the track Stefanie says "'If I Leave' came to me when thinking back on my first serious relationship. After it ended, I was not ready to deal with any unresolved feelings until I sat down to write this song. Writing 'If I Leave' brought me the closure I needed. Although I loved the person I was with, I knew that, for whatever reason, what we were doing was not right for me.

"This song encompasses the raw emotion I was feeling at the time, but I am surprised to see its meaning evolve over the years. It grew from how I felt in one particular relationship to the realization of a common theme in all my relationships. Because of this, I have grown to fall in love with it again and again."

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