Sodastream - Three Sins

Back with their first album in ten years are Sodastream.Karl Smith and Pete Cohen's Little By Little is due on the 3rd March.

The first single from the album is "Three Sins". The track has been described by Karl Smith like this:
"I first started thinking about the lyrics that would become Three Sins way back in 2006 when we were working on songs for our third album Reservations. Back then I was thinking a lot about what goes on in people’s minds that isn’t talked about; their primal urges, hidden desires and beliefs. I wanted to explore what makes some people act on these things, while others don’t. At the time, there was a lot of talk about terrorism in the news, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were rolling on. The sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church was slowly coming out into the open, and the summer bushfires were tearing across our landscapes. As I thought about it, I realised that the firebugs, the paedophile priests and the suicide bombers had a lot in common. They all inflicted untold suffering on completely random, innocent people for no other reason than to satisfy their own desires and beliefs. So what was originally going to be a song about an individual suddenly became a study of three... and as I got under the skin of the characters, the stories flowed out."

Tags folk, rock
Category Video

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