Say Lou Lou - Everything We Touch

The Swedish-Aussie Say Lou Lou are to release their next single, 'Everything We Touch' on 2nd June.

Taken from their debut album due for release later this year, ‘Everything We Touch’ is a huge hook laden tune delivered with the powerful vocal panache of 22 year old twin sister band-members Miranda and Elektra Kilbey. With its killer chorus chant of ‘everything we touch turns to gold at night’ the single is a step on from the quietly devastating tracks "Maybe You", “Julian” and ‘Better in the Dark’, that the band have put out over the last 18 months garnering critical acclaim and a growing worldwide fanbase in the process.

Self-created and self-imagined, Say Lou Lou have come to worldwide attention since their formation less than two years ago with the three fantastic songs and their attendant B-sides. The Guardian have called their unique sound ‘seductive’, Esquire call them ‘electro noir pop’ whilst Elle describe them as ‘melancholy you can dance to’. The Sunday Times have praised the girls brilliant vocals saying their ‘songs are dominated by the Kilbey’s extraordinary voices’. Meanwhile in the US they have been shot by Interview Magazine and for the cover of V Magazine so far as their career moves in the ascendant across the world.

Say Lou Lou are currently finishing off their self-written debut album which has been recorded in London, Sweden and Los Angeles.

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