Rosie Carney's cover of 'Bones' is mesmerising and she's releasing her own take on Radiohead's The Bends this December

In one of the most affecting videos we've heard this year, Rosie Carney has covered Radiohead's 'Bones' and shared the video online. The track itself is taken from her own take on the album The Bends which will be released on 11th December.

Like so many others this year, Carney’s original career plans and mental health were derailed by the pandemic. Having to abandon her recording plans, she relapsed into depression and decamped from London to her bedroom in her parent’s house in Ireland. While receiving treatment there she decided to cover ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ but when she saw how many people had already done it, she changed tack and went for the LP in full as a bigger challenge.

The Bends is very much an album that resonates right now, and with Rosie's delicate vocals giving the well known songs a whole new edge, there's every chance that this release could be one of the defining LPs of 2020.

Talking about 'Bones', Rosey says “I recorded “Bones” the day before I flew home to spend the rest of lockdown with my family in Ireland”

“I listened to it nonstop as I travelled from my flat in London into the middle of nowhere. Every single line resonated with me on such a deep level and after this one I became far more confident in how I wanted the songs to sound if they were mine.”

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