Watch the new video for PLYA’s awesome new track – ‘Fever’

London-based trio PLYA have revealed a brand new video for their gorgeous single Fever, taken from their Still In Love EP, available now. It’s a perfectly formed example of modern alt-pop that demands your attention – and elevates the band into the top-tiers of the UK music scene.

The dark and brooding video emphasises that expression, focusing on a protagonist who’s completely shut off from her senses as she pushes her pain outwards with hypnotic and enchanting movements.

“As soon as we finished writing ‘Fever’ we knew we wanted the visuals to complement the minimal sounding beat,” explain the band. “We messaged a dancer friend, Laetitia Lawrence, with the track to see if she was into it and she came straight back to us with a few movement ideas. It was amazing to see our song being interpreted in such a different way creatively and we knew instantly that those movements would be the backbone of the video. Throwing in the blindfold was something we wanted to add to the narrative to encapsulate self reflection.”  

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Colin Polonowski

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

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Watch the new video for PLYA’s awesome new track – ‘Fever’ | The Digital Fix