Phoebe Ryan’s new video for ‘Ring’ is now online

Texas-born and Jersey-raised, singer-songwriter Phoebe Ryan’s brand of pop is both immediate and slyly clever. In fall of 2019, Ryan shared “ICIMY”– meaning ‘In Case I Miss You’ – a testament to her indelible ear for creating smashes and the first single from her debut album How It Used To Feel, ​​​​​​​due June 26th.

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Today Ryan shares the second single from her forthcoming LP called “Ring.”  Opening with celestial synth flourishes, the song’s lyrics were taken out of a lovelorn page of Ryan’s diary and laments what could have been. The anthemic chorus exposes the raw emotion of the track as Ryan defiantly exclaims, “don’t you dare put a ring on her finger.”“I get tunnel vision when I’m in love, and I think I’m always in love,” Phoebe shares. “This song in particular still hurts my feelings when I listen to it.”

The accompanying music video enmeshes viewers deeper with the song’s lyrics as pictures Ryan in a white wedding dress in a lake as the water ripples and churns with chaos all around her. “Me and my director went to a thrift store and bought that dress for $100, and then I jumped in a lake,” Ryan says of the making of the video. “Lucky for me it was a warm summer day, and I like skinny dipping.”

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

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