'Pencilled Brims' is the new track from Amber Jay

Liverpool based artist and new name to the music scene - Amber Jay ended 2020 by giving us the first teaser of her debut EP with her single ‘Pencilled Brims’ - a futuristic synth fuelled bedroom-pop adventure.

Today, Amber Jay shares the stunning visuals for ‘Pencilled Brims’ with her new 80s themed sci-fi video: 'It all begins at a dinner table. We see the image of a 'nuclear' family tucking into stacks of waffles with syrup but it is clear that something is not quite right. After stumbling across a ‘how to know if you're an alien' quiz in a magazine, hiding under the kitchen table at night I take the quiz searching for answers. Everything starts to make sense as matters appear to take an extraterrestrial turn.’ 

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