Patricia Lalor shares her new video - 'Fall Back Asleep'

Patricia Lalor has shared her new single, ‘Fall Back Asleep’, the third in a series of four tracks to be released over the coming weeks.

Beautifully sparse, the track blends rich vocals and delicate harmonies against a solo guitar line, emphasising its subtle intimacy, before ending in an intoxicating crescendo of ambient synths propelling it into gentle euphoria.

The charming DIY video for ‘Fall Back Asleep’ captures Patricia performing the song from her bedroom with help from her little sister.

Introducing the single Patricia says, “Here is a song I wrote while I was questioning all my life choices, hope you enjoy!”

‘Fall Back Asleep’ follows the release of previous singles ‘Words I Have To Say’ and ‘Sleep Talk’. Released over the last two weeks, they’re heady doses of exhilarating alt-pop, which feature Patricia’s lush vocals set against a backdrop of immersive and lush instrumentation. You can watch the previous two videos below.

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