New video from LAOISE, 'Mad'

Check out the new track from Galway's LAOISE, 'Mad', taken from her new EP of the same name.

Incorporating elements of synth and alternative pop, these four songs co-written and co-produced by Seán Behan and Richey McCourt, embody everything LAOISE’s audience have come to love and more. Featuring the critically acclaimed single ‘Again’, the four-track EP is her most honest and sincere work yet, making it an ambitious next step for LAOISE.

With three new buoyant songs to revel in, the EP's lead single 'Mad' showcases a more audacious side to the 22-year-old songwriter from Galway. The quirky track depicts the story of that moment in life when you decide to no longer accept a situation which you’re unhappy with; it's that moment of self-awareness where you let your gut instinct cut through, and let your voice be heard. LAOISE drew on past experiences of negative relationships- personal and professional – to present the fun but fierce lyric. Sonically, ‘Mad’ is a bed of pop hooks and lush backing vocals balanced with industrial synths sweeping throughout and a defiant build that centers on the song’s direct, simple but candid line: “And now I’m getting Mad.”

Speaking on the EP, LAOISE says, 'For me, this EP represents a destination I’ve spent some time trying to reach as a writer and a performer. When I’m writing songs, I like to lay everything out there. I indulge in the fact that I write pop songs because I’ve grown up loving them for that reason - they’re honest, direct and straight-from-the-shoulder. I guess I’m a person who is all about moving forward and not dwelling on the past, but in writing these songs I tapped into memories and experiences that I hadn’t fully explored when I was younger, and they still speak to me now. Whenever I feel sad or angry or happy, I like to dance and sing it off, and sometimes that could mean crying and dancing at the same time, but I think that’s why I feel so connected to music; it compels your whole body to feel something. A pop song that’s delivered with truth and with conviction will always connect more with me, and that’s what I’ve tried to create with each song on the EP, be it anger, defiance, heartbreak or love - a certain part of me is in each song. I’ve grown into a person who now feels that I can say what I need to in the moment, whereas in the past I was probably more afraid to be heard. Music has allowed me to filter the urgency of those thoughts into something useful and creative, and that’s this EP.'

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