Nerina Pallot releases video for Bring Him Fire

If you read our review earlier this week you might have gathered that Nerina Pallot's new album is pretty damn good. So it's pretty exciting for us to now be able to share her new video - 'Bring Him Fire'.

Nerina Pallot has premiered the video for 'Bring Him Fire', a track taken from the Brit and Ivor Novello nominated musician's forthcoming new album 'Stay Lucky', out this Friday 13th October on Idaho Records. The beautifully shot performance video was filmed at RAK Studios, where 'Stay Lucky' was recorded.

"I struggled with the recording of 'Bring Him Fire', because I wanted to keep it raw but have it make sense with the rest of the album, which is quite intricate and orchestrated," says Nerina of the song. "I leaned heavily on my friend (and producer of my fourth album 'Year Of The Wolf') Bernard Butler for an objective opinion. As ever, Bernard gave me fabulous advice (some of which I ignored, but he forgave me) and also added his effortless guitar genius to it. Lyrically it's pretty straightforward: lady likes man, wants man to notice her etc., so she's written it all down in a handy little list for him in case he wasn't sure what he might be getting."

Her sixth album, 'Stay Lucky' is, truly and deeply, Pallot's most personal, most warmly emotional album yet. She plays piano, analogue synthesiser, guitar and percussion, and is joined by musicians including Bernard Butler, Markus Feehily and Rod Thomas AKA Bright Light Bright Light. The core group on the album are from Michael Kiwanuka's touring band - Steve Pringle on keys, Alex Bonfanti on bass and Lewis Wright on drums.

Sonically, 'Stay Lucky' speaks to the Serge and Charlotte Gainsbourg records (notably the latter's second album, '5.55', which featured Air), big influences for the quarter-French Pallot. Lyrically, it's a wish for the future, a shaft of positivity beaming out into the world.

Pallot found herself thinking back to reading The Wasteland at university. Her tutor pointed out that in times of war, "when shit goes down, people are more inclined to get pissed and shag than they are to take to the streets, because you just want to anaesthetise yourself. So that's kind of my feel."

"Basically, it's my death and shagging record," she concludes. "That I hope people will get high and shag to, but hopefully not die while doing so!"

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