Natalie McCool releases her new track, Someone Nue

Update - it's 29th July and as promised Natalie McCool has returned with her brand new track, 'Someone Nue'. Watch the video above.

It's a fresh sound for McCool, layering her dreamy vocals over an understated, yet effective, electronica tune. If this is the shape of things to come we're very, very happy and this track showcases a singer who is happy to experiment with their music...

Previously: I make no secret that Natalie McCool is one of my favourite artists - her mesmerising debut gave an exciting glimpse into mind of one of the UKs most talented musicians. It featured stunning tracks such as 'Black Sun' - a track that managed to expertly combine an alluring ethereality with a power that was seemingly at odds with our expectations - and her mesmerising take on Kavinsky's 'Nightcall' which set the tone for someone who wasn't going to be constrained by convention.

Her sophomore album, The Great Unknown, was equally brilliant experimental pop that featured some absolute tunes - 'Pins', 'Cardiac Arrest' and the transcendental and anthemic 'Fortress' (seriously, the choir version of this track is one of the most empowering songs we've heard in many, many years) were all tracks that could rightly and justifiably be considered all time classics.

And if that wasn't enough to get us excited about the new music Natalie is about to drop, earlier this year she released the Bowie-eqsue 'Womans World' to mark International Women's Day - showcasing a whole new sound. Not only did it have the Bowie feel, it had an originality and playfulness that suggests that we have someone here who wants to push the boundaries of her music and those of society - and I'm all for that.

Natalie has been teasing new music for some time and we're expecting an announcement before the end of July - and while a new album might not be on the cards until next year, we'll be happy with literally any morsels she throws our way. What's sure is that the next 12 months is going to be wonderful for Natalie McCool fans as she begins to peel back the curtains on what she's been working on.

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