MALKA's video for 'Moving Together' is a true labour of love

With her new album literally just around the corner experimental alt-pop performer, MALKA, has shared her new video for 'Moving Together'.

If there's a harder working person in music right now we'd be surprised - it took MALKA, aka Tamara Schlesinger, eight weeks of intensive training but the end result was certainly worth it and showcases the singer's gymnastic abilities just as much as her brilliant music.

Tamara worked with her former gymnastics partner Lorna Sumner for the video which was shot by Todd Weller at East Kilbride Gymnastics Club.

Regarding the video MALKA says, “The idea of shooting the music video came about when I got in touch with Lorna. We had competed for Scotland as gymnasts and were members of the GB squad when we were younger. I broke my ankle and retired following four consecutive years of my trio being Scottish Champions.

“At the time I was so utterly heartbroken that I couldn’t set foot in a gym again. I found it so painful to not be able to train and compete and so I lost touch with Lorna - who was like a second big sister to me growing up. Lorna went on to become a performer in Le Reve in Las Vegas and so continued her dream of performing. I moved to London and studied fashion at St Martin’s College.

“Lorna and I got back in touch when we were both expecting our first children - coincidently they were born just a few days apart. After having both of our second kids we each moved back to Scotland - Lorna a year before me. 

“I had been thinking about the song and how best to create visuals for the narrative. I then had the idea of getting in touch with Lorna to see if she might be interested in performing a gymnastics routine together. She loved the idea and so we began training again - 20 years after I had retired and 5 years after Lorna had retired from Le Reve.

“We trained together for eight weeks, choreographing the routine and finding moves that we can still do together. It has been amazing to work together again - the excuse of working on the music video has afforded us the chance to reconnect just as in the lyrics in the song.”

MALKA's new album, I'm Not Your Soldier, is set for release on 28th February and production was funded via Kickstarter.

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