Malka's new single, 'Taking It Back' now has a brilliant video

The first single taken from Malka's upcoming new album, I'm Not Your Soldier, is getting rave reviews and it's no wonder people are beginning to realise just how brilliant an artist she is. Case in point - the new video for 'Taking It Back' is here and yet again the Scottish experimental musician has given us something fantastic.

The video premiered over on The Skinny yesterday and in the accompanying article Tamara shared some of her thoughts on the track.

"The song is about my journey in overcoming panic attacks and learning to control those dark moments in my own way,” she told them. “Sometimes it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed – I find it hard running the label, writing the music, creating the artwork, making decisions myself and trying to balance family life. I often find that writing about how I feel can help me to see things more clearly. Although it’s about a dark subject it’s still uplifting – I love to have that interplay of darker lyrics with upbeat music.”

'Taking It Back' is a sure sign that the new album is going to be packed with brilliant and unique music and it just makes us even more excited as to what surprises it brings.

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