Mabes releases the third part of her visual EP - watch and listen to 'Slow Drowning'

Mabes returns with the third part of her visual EP - 'Slow Drowning'. You can listen to all of the tracks released so far on Spotify and check out the three short visuals that make up the EP-to-date at the bottom of this article.

'Slow Drowning' marks an important moment for Mabes, who is on the verge of unleashing a brand-new EP later this month. A potent new pop voice, each track that has been released so far feels like a statement, like a present carefully wrapped and sent directly to you. Delivered with impeccable sincerity, 'Slow Drowning' is a mini-manifesto for Mabes' warm, open approach.

On the inspiration behind the single, Mabes explains; "Is there bad timing for love? This song is about how the strongest love might not last. As the world and the people in it are constantly changing, so can your love for someone, even if it's out of our control and no fault of our own. I wrote this song when I was 16, which looking back, now feels so young to be looking at the world like that but even now, it still feels true".

The short visuals are part of a much wider storyline that concludes around the release of the forthcoming EP. Each thread of the video will be slowly unveiled and come together to create a full-length video on May 22nd.

The collection of new songs are sonically elevated from Mabes' 2019 debut, although it still echoes the acoustic-country vibe that she is synonymous for. The body of work will demonstrate the hotly tipped newcomer's continued ability to craft heart-rending pop with an emotional sincerity beyond her years.

Having only released her debut single in 2019, Mabes' effortless and instantly recognisable vocal has already amassed over 20 million global streams in 12 months, with various plays across Radio 1 and a sold-out headline show under her belt. The new cut follows-on from Mabes' mini-album 'Wait & See', which came out to rapturous applause at the end of last year.

Mabes' forward-thinking, emotionally raw song-writing style has led to relatable, cutting-edge intelligent pop that marks her as a unique new artist. The Billericay-born star is an unforgettable force to be reckoned with, with her sights firmly set on owning 2020.

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