Mabes has released her ‘Keeping The Noise Down’ visual EP

We adored Mabes’ brilliant ‘Keeping The Noise Down’ EP when it debuted last month – awarding it 9/10 in our review – and now the full visual EP has been released to accompany it. You can watch the video above

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Mabes knew she wanted to visually illustrate the EP as soon as she finished writing it and the video has four segments that correspond to the four tracks on the EP.

I realised I wanted to create something abstract and thought-provoking that would be digested like one piece of art or a short movie”, the English singer-songwriter told American Songwriter.

I wanted each song to represent part of me through my teenage years but all link to each other as a body of work, a ‘fly on the wall’ view into my world. I have always been obsessed with 70’s culture – both music and aesthetics – and I naturally love to express myself through fashion too. [The EP visual] ultimately just felt right, as the music is earthy and echoes earlier artists that influence me in a tasteful, nostalgic way.

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Jun 08, 2020

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Mabes has released her ‘Keeping The Noise Down’ visual EP | The Digital Fix