Lucy Rose releases her new self-directed video for 'Is This Called Home'

Lucy Rose is very pleased to unveil the video for her new album track, 'Is This Called Home'. It was filmed on location in The Lake District, and showcases the directorial debut for the young British musician.

'Is This Called Home' is lifted from Lucy’s forthcoming third album, 'Something’s Changing', released on the 7th July through Communion Records.

Acclaimed Gibraltan dancer Jonathan Lutwyche stars in the video’s lead role, with a graceful and evocative interpretative dance scene overlooking the Cumbrian coast.

Explaining her thoughts and process behind the video, Lucy said: "The idea came as we were finishing the song and adding the strings in the studio. For the ending of the song, my producer Tim Bidwell wanted Andrew, our violin player, to improvise to his dancing. I was watching Tim express himself through movements and Andrew imitated those as he was playing his violin. The ending of the song suddenly took shape and at that moment I wondered what it would look like to see a dancer expressing how the song made them feel.

"I've been a huge admirer of Jonathan Lutwyche's work so I contacted him directly and asked if he would like to collaborate for this music video. The most important thing that I wanted to achieve was to capture someone expressing how a song made them feel. I often try to find the words to describe how music makes me feel, but there is a real mystery to why a song can make your heart race, make the hair on your arms stand up, and take you to a different place.

“I wanted to capture exactly that in Jonathan's dance. I had no idea how it was going to look, but I was completely blown away with the sheer emotion he let out in one take.

"This video was the first take of the day and much of it was improvised on the spot. I think it's truly beautiful to watch him dance in one of the most beautiful places in the world, The Lake District.”

Jonathan Lutwyche added: "In this video I'm trying to convey passion about something, in my case dance. When I first heard the song, it really touched me and it just made me want to get up and dance so that's basically what I did.

“No matter how many times we fall down in life you just have to get up and carry on and to me that's what this dance really meant to me and I feel like people will really feel the same way after hearing and watching what Lucy and I have created together.”

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