Layla Kaylif shares video for ‘As I Am’

The latest track to emerge from Layla Kaylif’s upcoming album is lush and mellifluous of sound, and arrives with an affecting video fit for our times. 

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Rooted in a timeless Americana sound, “As I Am” is rich with cooing harmonies, yawning pedal steels and sleepy acoustic arrangements. Though shaded with melancholy by Layla’s moving and emotive vocal, “As I Am” is very much a love song straight and true. Inspired by the works of Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani, Layla reaches deep within to summon lyrics that will touch the heart and nourish the soul.

“The song lyrically speaks for itself.” Layla says. ““Broken as I am can you really love me”? There are some lyric references to Nizar Qabbani (Syrian poet). “Your love is like birth, like death…impossible to repeat”. I’ve always loved this line and wanted to put it into a song. The melody is more modal over that line, to give it that spiritual, otherworldly feel.”

The ‘As I Am’ single is coupled with a striking new video, recently filmed in Chinatown, London and various locations across the city. With Layla performing in a facemask upon the streets of the capital, the captivating visuals capture London and its people as they gradually awaken from the slumber of lockdown. 

“I’m pleased with the result.” Layla reflects. “It’s very ‘now’, and one of the few music videos that’s been shot outside… My husband directed it so no social distancing rules were broken!”

After a period of time focusing on a range of other projects, in 2020 Layla officially returns to music to release with her third and latest album Lovers Don’t Meet – out 7 August 2020.

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

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