Kero Kero Bonito release video for Trampoline

In celebration of the release of their debut album this past Friday October 21st, Kero Kero Bonito are back today to share an all new visual counterpart to single 'Trampoline'. The band is currently touring North America, stopping through New York on November 2nd and concluding their run of shows at Sound on Sound Festival November 4-6th, before returning to London to headline Scala on November 9th (full dates below).

A unique and addictive mélange of J-pop, rap, acid house, gamer soundtrack music and alternative slacker pop, Bonito Generation is the culmination of two years which have seen the London three piece of vocalist Sarah Midori Perry, producer Gus Lobban (who also makes music as Kane West) and producer Jamie Bulled build an avid international fanbase, touring globally and and receiving accolades from a cross section of publications including Pitchfork, SPIN, Stereogum, New York Magazine, The Guardian, NME, Vogue Japan and others. There music has been featured by the likes of HBO, Stella McCartney and Broad City.

About Kero Kero Bonito:

We're KKB. We make music for the whole world.

In January 2013, Sarah saw an advert for a rapper on an internet bulletin board. She applied and South London inter-school music friends Gus and Jamie agreed she was the best. We made a mixtape that Double Denim liked so much they had to release it again and then we toured round the globe.

Sarah's mum comes from Japan and her dad comes from England, so she treats her parent languages as one. Gus and Jamie program MIDI modules for fun and study international pop charts weekly. We picked the name just because it has a nice ring to it.

We have some pretty good songs like "Flamingo" (body-positive cartoon flute R&B) and "Sick Beat" (gamer girl power rap bass). Global corporations like Adidas and Topshop recognise the stylish competitive edge Kero Kero Bonito bring to classic brands. We played at an old folks' home once.

Now we've finished our debut album, and it's turned out just how we wanted.

This is Bonito Generation!

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