Katie Pruitt celebrates Coming Out Day with her video for 'Loving Her'

Pride is strong in Katie Pruitt's new track, release to mark Coming Out Day in the US.

Thematically ‘Loving Her’ deals with Pruitt’s first experience of being in love with a girl and the issues that raised, growing up Christian, as she elaborates;

Why is being ‘gay’ and ‘Christian’ somehow mutually exclusive? I wrestled with this concept my whole life. It made no sense to me that ‘love’ could be a sin. I finally decided that even if it was a sin, I didn’t care. I was in love for the first time with a beautiful girl that loved me back. It didn’t feel wrong to me. After a tough phone conversation with my father, his words still ringing in my head…‘I’m sorry, I just don’t understand it’ to which I responded, ‘people don’t like what they don’t understand.’”

Originally from the Atlanta suburbs and now based in Nashville, Pruitt’s career has been building over the last year, since her signing to Rounder Records. Her sound manages to be at once both nostalgic and contemporary, causing Rolling Stone to describe it as “full of pop hooks, layered harmonies and reverb-heavy riffs—rustles up the timeless, infinite feeling of being young and limitless.”

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