Kaina shares video for her new track, 'Green'

Introducing Kaina, a Chicago-based R&B / Indie artist, who today unveils the video for her new single, “Green”. Featuring Kaina's mother making Arepas, a traditional Venezuelan ground maize dish, the video is focused on friends, family and Kaina's experience as a first generation Latina American.

In her own words: "The song largely has to do with me thinking about lineage and the generations of people that had to exist before I could - and that my identity carries all of that along with my own experiences. It makes me feel less alone as a first generation kid and that there is some sense of familiarity and connection I feel even though I may be miles away from family or didn’t get to meet those who passed."

"Green is very experimental. It is a combination of the salsa music I grew up listening to with some disco, rock and r&b feels. The song is about comparing or valuing your feelings to things in the physical world. At times we feel disconnected or doubt the things we feel like love and loss but I personally feel like I am never applying the same doubt to like a tree or the grass, they are real and they are things and true, like feelings."

The video was directed by fellow Chicago artist Jean Deaux and the song was produced by Sen Morimoto - watch it below:

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