Jacquie debuts new video 'Am I The Only One'

Jacquie Lee has returned with a new single taken from her upcoming sophomore EP.  'Am I The Only One' is a pretty personal track and gives the ex-contestant of the US version of The Voice a chance to make her own statement.

Bursting on to the scene at a young age has prepared the now 20 year old Jacquie for what is to come. In a previous incarnation Jacquie Lee, native of New Jersey was thrust into the spotlight after being selected to compete on the Voice and mentored by none other the multiple GRAMMY® Award winner Christina Aguilera herself.

This was intense at the time being 15, Jacquie began navigating the treacherous recording industry world with events culminating in the creation of the artist you see before you today. Lee did more than survive she triumphed as Season 5’s first runner up. Jacquie quickly signed to 300 Entertainment/Atlantic for her debut EP “BROKEN ONES”, which hit Top 10 on iTunes Pop Chart upon release. After a slew of successes and some hard choices at a young age Jacquie parted was with former management and recording deals in search of herself and this is just the beginning. "At one point I was fed up with everyone but mostly myself because I felt like I wasn't in control of my own life." Throughout this process of discovery the young artist had continued to hone her craft and amassing fans as well as industry support.

"From when I entered the music biz to now.... I've learned that no one knows exactly what they are talking about. I've learned to trust my gut instinct and make decisions that feel right even if a big scary record exec tells you otherwise."

Jacquie will be releasing her new project this fall. Inspired by the struggles of being thrust into the lime light, dealing with industry expectations, breaking away from confines and coming into who you truly are as an artist, this is first project she feels really represents who she is as a young women and an artist.

Hailed by Elle as a preternatural belter who blends powerhouse pop with the bluesy, lovelorn vibe of Janis Joplin, Jacquie has garnered critical praise from such national outlets as Glamour, Seventeen, MTV.com, and more. She has already performed alongside likeminded young artists including Meghan Trainor and Shawn Mendes and will continue to be a force to be reckoned with as she fights to change the industry’s preconceptions of pop music through her own voice.

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