Holly Humberstone releases a spectacularly spooky video for new track, 'Haunted House'

Following her stunning EP, Falling Asleep At The Wheel, Holly Humberstone continues to blow us away with her new track 'Haunted House' which has received the perfect spooky video treatment which you can watch above.

“I wrote this song about the old and characterful house I grew up in. The house is such a huge part of who I am and our family. With my sisters and I moving out and living separate lives, coming home feels very comforting and one of the only things keeping us all connected. The house is almost falling down around us now though, and we’ve realised that pretty soon we’ll be forced to leave. There’s a cellar full of meat hooks and a climate so damp mushrooms grow out of the walls. Loads of people have probably died here in the past but I’ve always felt really safe. It’s like a seventh family member. It’s part of me.”

Photo Credit: Jordan Curtis Hughes

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