'Forgot to Forgive' is the new video from Alex Porat

Toronto singer-songwriter Alex Porat shares a new single "forgot to forgive," along with a music video directed by frequent collaborator Iris Kim. Soft and subdued, the song opens with a verse Porat talk-sings monotonously before lilting into a gentle waltz. In the video she mirrors the gloominess of the lyrics, exchanging bright colours and bold outfits for dim lighting, dark circles under her eyes, and sweat. Instead of being surrounded by a gaggle of cute boys like in her "only hanging out cause i'm lonely" video, she's confronted by a chillingly creepy clown. "forgot to forgive" is the final single from her 4-track debut EP, "bad at breakups."

Talking about the single Alex says “'forgot to forgive” is about being haunted by your past and being unable to move on. Growing up, I was taught that being able to forgive and forget was a powerful skill but I always had a really hard time forgiving and bad memories would stay with me for as long as I let them. To this day, I’m still trying my best to learn how to let go. I love how the video reflects an experience of sleep paralysis in connection with being haunted by people from the past. It mirrors the story the song tells and really brings to life the nightmare that a bad memory leaves you with."

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