Faultress is on a mental health mission with ‘Beating Heart’ and ‘Marilyn’

Check out these two fantastic new tracks from Fautlress – ‘Marilyn’ has a video above while you can listen to ‘Beating Heart’ on Soundcloud below. Both tracks are taken from the London-based artist’s new EP, 5 Myths.

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The seductive crawl of ‘Marilyn’ sets a fantastic pace for Faultress’ 5 Myths EP. Its dark and minimal tone and stacked vocals underpin an emotionally dynamic vocal performance. But the nature of its seduction is quickly revealed to be a snare. Faultress offers us a different kind of femme fatale, one whose vulnerabilities are centre stage, deconstructing the masculine idea of femininity by showing it as an air-brushed performance for the male gaze: “Would you love me on a bad day? Would you love me every state I’m in / I am not performing today / No it’s not that kind of day. / And I would rather hide me away / Where I can’t be your Marilyn.” ‘Beating Heart’ explores the role of the human bonding hormone oxytocin in making us feel closer to each other than we really are. It resists easy-reach hooks, favouring sharp and stylised grooves in its vocal loops and synth bass. An ode to post-coital bliss, ‘Beating Heart’ is instrumentally as carnal and as naked as its subject matter.

5 Myths lyrically examines the myths surrounding the female experience of power, beauty, desire, mental health. All songs are produced by Joshua Davenport, and all except ‘Marilyn’ are mastered by Dom Howard (Submotion Orchestra). ‘Marilyn’ is co-produced by Bobby Broomfield (Does it Offend You Yeah) at The Rattle (collective of DIY artists), and mixed/mastered by Morgan Bosc at The Rattle.

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

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Faultress is on a mental health mission with ‘Beating Heart’ and ‘Marilyn’ | The Digital Fix