Fallen Temples release video for new song 'Broken'

Since their formation in 2015, Fallen Temples have steadily collected some impressive accolades and built a reputation as a hard-working and classic yet progressive hard rock band. The intimate and intense vocals of Adam Vaughan, menacing Bass of Joe Lewis and thunderous and focussed drums of Joe Stirland made Fallen Temples one of the stand out bands during the 2019 Bloodstock Festival. The band followed up the release of their first EP, The Future We Left Behind ( Including the magnificent 'Cut the Wire' ) with a busy touring schedule of 2018 and 2019. 

The trio has continued with their remarkable work ethic and have released their latest track 'Broken' with the accompanying video also released today. 'Broken' is by no means a departure or risk for the band with the familiar tenacity and ambition on display but is the perfect continuation of the superb trajectory the band is on. Vaughan's vocals are visceral and emotionally provocative and imbues the track with an obvious raw honesty. The tempo is perhaps a tad faster than previous tracks, but they are in complete control of their individual instruments and drain every drop of energy and rage from string to snare.

'Broken' proves once again that Fallen Temples are on the cusp of a profound career and should be regarded with respect and awe.

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