Erik K debuts video for 'Pay to Play'

Written by Erin Kleh and produced by Andrea Appino. Performed by: Erin Kleh (vocals, guitar), Andrea Appino (bass), Simone Padovani (drums). Recorded at 360 Music Factory, Livorno, Italy and engineered by Andrea Pachetti. Mixed by Kristofer Harris at Squarehead studio, UK. Mastered by John Davis, Metropolis Mastering, UK.

This song was inspired by a move to NYC, a personal response to the city itself and some of the individuals I encountered there. Although it coins the well-known phrase “pay to play” (a reference to the pressures often placed upon musicians to give something up of monetary value in order to showcase their music); here I am alluding to a broader idea of altering one’s art in order to take part. This extends beyond the music.

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