Eddy Calvert shares video for ‘Brand New’

Eddy Calvert is a multi-faceted talent: singer/songwriter/producer/sound engineer, he does it all. This consummate urban artist is making amazing great strides in becoming a heavyweight in the pop and urban genre in the UK and elsewhere, including some very interested heavyweight ears within US A&R departments. The best kept UK urban secret is now out and people are very interested in this self-starting, dedicated urban powerhouse.

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Eddy’s work famously mirrors his personal life, from his gritty upbringing in the streets of London, England, to his experiences of love, lust and betrayal. Although his style is very much self-made, Eddy takes on undertones of some of his biggest influences: Drake (“he made the whole lo-fi sounds cool”), Stevie Wonder, Phil Collins and Kanye West.

His new single “Brand New” is about being in a relationship and reassuring your ‘chosen one’ that you want to spend your life with them and that you want them despite their insecurities. As he says himself “ It’s that you want THEM even though they keep bringing up your past, but you tell them ‘ I WANT YOU’, forever.”  Believe it or not, in real life Eddy is normally a quiet/shy person, but when it comes to his music, he doesn’t hold back and says what he has to say.

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Sep 08, 2019

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