Dylan Conrique shares new video for track 'Bitter' featuring Noak Hellsin

A triple threat, recording artist, dancer and actress Dylan Conrique returns  in the new year with a pop and country duet, titled ‘Bitter’ featuring Swedish pop singer Noak Hellsing. The anthemic country/pop track is released today.

In the new single, Dylan not only explores her appreciation for country but highlights the growing strength and versatility in her voice. “‘Bitter’ is a new sound for me…I know everyone says this, but with this release coming in January, this song and video definitely say ‘new year new me’. I love this song so much because it has a mix of country and pop and those are my favorite genres of music. My favorite lyric is ‘I’m not bitter, I’m better’ — I feel like people can relate to that.

At just sixteen years of age, Dylan Conrique is every bit the seasoned performer, dedicated to perfecting her craft while preserving the goofy streak and playful enthusiasm that informs her creativity. Now, after releasing her debut Baby Blue EP in August 2020, the singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress delves deeper into her talents, offering more and more of herself through each release. When she isn’t moulding her unique experiences into universally appealing pop records, Dylan spends her time connecting with her millions of fans across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. 

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