‘Dirty Air’ is the new video from Two Door Cinema Club

Created by Jordan Martin, the video combines retro 60’s footage with cutout collage animation, juxtaposing the excesses of pop culture with images of mass destruction. The result is a captivating zoom through humanity’s recent journey to destruction, soundtracked by the smog-clogged disco rock of ‘Dirty Air’. 

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It was an extremely fun video to make,” says Jordan. “I searched through stacks of 60’s-70’s archive footage and magazines (I’ve started a pretty wild collection) to find the right look and feel for the track. It’s trial and error; reworking footage and printing it out, then physically collaging it

I love happy accidents when two things seem to fit together perfectly. I enjoyed taking lyrics from the song and letting a stream of consciousness try and piece together parts from all the imagery and footage that slowly builds and fills up my head.”

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

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‘Dirty Air’ is the new video from Two Door Cinema Club | The Digital Fix