Watch, 'Ascension' - the new video from daine

Charli XCX knows a thing or two about emo-pop so when she highlights a new artist we're the first to listen - and daine is pretty much everything we would expect. You can check out her new track and video for 'Ascension' above...

An artist born from a DIY ethos and an underground mentality, daine began writing music alone in her room after being inspired by shows from the likes of TurnstileBasementJesus Piece and Code Orange, and credits the hardcore and metal scene in Melbourne for its camaraderie at a time when she felt isolated socially from those that she went to school with. daine uses those references to their fullest effect on ‘Ascension’, transposing them to something more future facing. Harnessing all the emotion that comes from those genres, daine blends those wrought atmospheres with contemporary production and a saccharine vocal that provides a bittersweet edge. The track twists and turns; switching from contemplative calm to devastating power, with Lonelyspeck distorting daine’s usual dark-pop sound and allowing it to soar - capturing the emotion in her vocal and distilling the dissociation that comes with letting go of hope.

The track’s visual also pairs natural beauty with the destruction all around us - allowing the viewer to see the light and dark in life and shining a spotlight on nature’s blessings, while pairing them with the danger and unpredictable evil that can be just around the corner.

A release with a number of different perspectives, ‘Ascension’’s Danny L Harle produced counterpart ‘angel numbers’ will be released on 12th November, completing daine’s widescreen vision for this chapter of her story. An artist that wears her emotions on her sleeve as visibly as her influences, each track is like an entry in daine’s own modern diary, chronicling the life of an artist in a disillusioned generation navigating life in an unforgiving world. Open that diary, and watch her subvert expectations even further in the future.

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