Chloe Adams shares a beautiful live acoustic version of ‘Never Been Kissed’


19 year old star in the making, Chloe Adams, has sent over this acoustic version of her new single, ‘Never Been Kissed’…

Recorded with Geoff Swann (Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Gwen Stefani) and Antony Ryan (Oh Wonder, Sarah Close), ‘Never Been Kissed’ is an unapologetic pop banger, simultaneously box fresh and reminiscent of today’s chart juggernauts, from ‘Sucker’ era Charli XCX to old school Katy Perry. The track is the first teaser from a vault of self-penned monster hits from the British 19-year-old, and draws inspiration from the first experience of real love, conveying a youthful exuberance and showcasing Chloe’s natural flair for crafting ultra-sassy, radio-ready melodies.

Speaking about the track, Chloe says: “‘Never Been Kissed’ is the story from your first kiss, to your first REAL kiss. All the random people you may have kissed before – whether it be a one-off kiss at a party, or in a non-serious relationship… it all comes down to your first real kiss with that special someone.”

Having already amassed a social media following of almost half a million, purely by word of mouth, Chloe is passionate about using her platform to spread a message of positivity and compassion to her young audience in troubling times. Earlier this year, she shared an emotive, thought-provoking track, ‘The Doctor Said’, in order to raise awareness of mental health and encourage her fans to reach out to those in need. With her stellar combination of infectious, glistening hooks, endearing personality and finger on the pulse of the issues faced by young people today, Chloe Adams has her sights set firmly on becoming your new favourite pop star.

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Colin Polonowski

Updated: Sep 18, 2017

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Chloe Adams shares a beautiful live acoustic version of ‘Never Been Kissed’ | The Digital Fix