Caggie releases her video for 'I Wish You Knew'

London based singer-songwriter Caggie, has released the alluring visual to accompany the track 'I Wish You Knew' 

The single is a beautiful slice of credible pop pie, which has streamed over 250,000 times to date on Spotify and received an impressive array of support across music sites and playlists. 

Caggie adds “The IWYK music video makes me reminiscent for my childhood and teenage years, it's sweet nostalgia for any girl who grew up in the nineties /early noughties, and spent evenings and weekends daydreaming about boys in her bedroom. The song is about the early stages of dating someone you really, really like - and although this is relevant at any age, there's something about that time that's a little more romanticised, because its all so new and exciting. The video was really fun to do, although challenging in the one shots when I had to change in 11 seconds to get into the next version of myself - but I'm really happy with it, it feels very me and represents the sentiment of the song in a fun way."

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