‘Burn’ is the latest video from Spanish foursome, Hinds

Today, the all female force that is Hinds share the video for the bombastic “Burn” from their triumphant third album, “The Prettiest Curse”, which came out early June via Lucky Number to critical acclaim. 

The Madrid-based quartet explain that the new track “‘Burn’ is about inner strength, overcoming what’s ugly, making it yours and owning it. This song is the rage you feel after you fall or when you fight against something that feels out of your hands. this song is about cleaning yourself of old habits, of vice and trauma before you stand up and keep fighting again. This song is about making your skin thicker so it doesn’t break that much. Cause as musicians, we work with our feelings. and that’s why it hurts so much to have to learn how to feel without a heart.”

The video for “Burn”, directed by Mariano Schoendorff, was filmed remotely as the Spanish capital finally began to slowly ease out of lockdown.

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Colin Polonowski

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

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‘Burn’ is the latest video from Spanish foursome, Hinds | The Digital Fix