British-Italian rockers, Electric Pyramid, release new video for 'All Or Nothing'

Four-piece rock band, Electric Pyramid, born of a collective of musicians from North London’s thriving music scene, today release their new single ‘All or Nothing’. A high-energy guitar driven song with a hook to lose your mind to, ‘All or Nothing’ showcases the band’s ability to combine brute strength and killer melodies with stunning results, the single is the band's first to be released by UK indie Transistor Project and is distributed by Believe Digital.

Drawing influences from the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin and Queens of the Stone Age, Electric Pyramid exhibit a simultaneously nostalgic and refreshing sound on ‘All or Nothing’, delivering an instantly anthemic chorus with rousing vocals from frontman Ol Beach.

Electric Pyramid are an international band of artists, Linda and Marco both from Italy, Emma from the UK and Ol is English ‘with a twist’. As a group, they have a varied musical history, and Linda is also an active figure on the ‘Women In Rock’ scene in London and elsewhere.

2016 was an exciting time for the band as they joined Queen on their Eastern European tour. “It really pushed us as a live act, watching and learning from the masters and progressing our sound and presence on stage” says lead singer Ol Beach.

Regardless of stage sizes they want to create the same feeling of community and creativity they started with in London clubs. “We just want to play and share music with as many people as we can. If that inspires them to go and do their own music, or sing along to our music, or be good in any way, then we’ve kind of nailed it, you know?” says Linda.

Currently preparing for a busy summer of festival appearances, captivating audiences across the UK, the band are set to perform at Down The Rabbit Hole, Village Green, Godiva, Kendal Calling and Camp Bestival.

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