Amy Montgomery shares ‘Season Of The Witch’ video

Amy Montgomery always dares to be different in every aspect of her presentation and her brand new single throws yet another curveball with a cover of Donovan’s ‘Season Of The Witch’ – a hypnotic tribal rendition that showcases her individuality in the most breathtaking and graceful way. The single is accompanied by a captivating video, with a dark and brooding atmosphere which sees Amy mysteriously illuminated and intercut with segments of surreal black and white footage. 

Picture a dark wooded glen, a roaring fire and a tribe gathered around it performing a ritual, and you’ll have the perfect setting for this song. Haunting chants and thunderous drums provide a simplistic yet mighty foundation for Amy’s powerful voice to dance above, with strings and pianos weaving in and out as the ceremony intensifies, continuously building towards a hypnotic and shadowy crescendo.

Amy says “ We’ve given this sixties cult classic, a 21st century, tribal and eerie feel! My first ever headline shows this month will present the different colours that make up my personality, and myself as an artist. Expect mighty headbangers that you can move your feet to. But also expect heartfelt moments that will make you reflect. My shows are all about celebrating the preciousness and exuberance of life!”

‘Season Of The Witch’ follows on from the atmospheric and moody ‘Tree Song (Branch Out And Nourish My Veins)’. Both tracks effortlessly flaunt her performance prowess and incredible vocal range.

Amy hails from County Antrim, Northern Ireland and the first thing you notice, apart from her outlandish bohemiam looks, is her raw and beautiful voice, honed from relentless busking across her native Emerald Isle. At 20 years of age, she is already a musical force of nature, performing with great intensity on both guitar and keyboards.

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Colin Polonowski

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

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