Alice Jemima continues her stunning run of form with the new video for 'Serious'

With her new album Everything Changes now with is, Alice Jemima shares a new video to celebrate it launch. 'Serious' is the perfect introduction to Alice's sound - her almost angelic voice almost obscures the pin-sharp lyricism at the heart of her work and this new single is very much on point for the singer who has made huge strides in her career over the last few years.

In Alice’s own words, “The lyrics came after a discussion around social media, and the way people might try and portray themselves online. How some people started taking things way too seriously with social status, and perhaps not paying as much attention to real-life friendships. You no longer feel as though you can relate to them, despite once being close friends. Every now and again I feel it’d be nice to drop the ‘online’ version of ourselves and instead focus on the reality, interacting with one and other the way we used to growing up - when life wasn’t so 'Serious’. “

Everything Changes steps up a gear production wise from her debut self-titled album, resulting in a collection of joyous upbeat pop songs, which still manage to showcase her unique quirky production style and sultry, sugar- sweet vocals.

Alice describes her new album as being reflective of her own life changes, “Throughout the record I’ve wanted to portray themes of stepping into the unknown, letting go and the obstacles we face in life. But I also wanted this record to be fun! I wrote my first album over many years, whereas this one captures my more recent thoughts, feelings and experiences.” 

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