Introducing Little Red

We've had a quick catch up with the wonderful Beth, otherwise known as Little Red. So, let's introduce her...

Do you have an earliest musical memory? Was there a record or act that made you think 'I want to do this!'

My mum says I learned to speak by singing, I learned the tunes first then added the words. But it was when it was when I was eight, when I was cast in a musical at the local theatre that I realised that I could actually make a career from my voice.

If we were to look at your MP3 player, is there anything on there you'd rather we didn't see? Do you have your own stuff on there?

I've got plenty of embarrassing tunes. I think the most embarrassing, but also one of my favourites, is the score to The Lord of The Rings Musical. It was written by the brilliant composer A.R. Rahman. The music is just so lush and full and really transports you into a magical world.....Also I'm a massive geek.

I do have some demo's that I am working on. I listen to them every now and again, think about the mix or if I need to change the arrangement.

Is there any style of music you just don't get?

I think if the music is good it doesn't really matter what genre it is. Great is great. I have everything from country to hiphop to madrigal music on my MP3 player.

Are there any artists you'd really like to collaborate with in the future?

So many! I love collaborations. I love Imogen Heap and Paloma Faith. But I'd mostly like to do a cover of Michael Jackson's "Pretty Young Thing" with Jay-Z....

What's next for Little Red?

I am in the studio working on my music at the moment. I have loads of songs that are nearly complete and I can't wait to get them polished and out into the world. I also have a gig on the 27th of November at Brixton Jamm with the band where you can get a sneak peak of the music I will be releasing soon.

What's the question we should have asked you today?
"Do you always tell the truth interviews?"


You can check out Little Red over on Soundcloud, Twitter and Facebook.

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