The Week in Singles - 28th April 2014

It almost looked like Spring was going to make up for all the bad weather we've had of late - but as I look out the window of TDF towers all I can see are grey clouds and drizzle... No change there then. Let's hope this week's singles make up for the weather's deficiencies...

Ticking all of the anthemic grunge boxes, Allusondrugs 'Nervous' tries so hard to capture what made Nirvana break out of the genres bounds. Maybe a little to hard given there's a clear lack of actual passion behind the sound. Indifference doesn't quite cut it guys.

REVERE continue the 'meh' vibe - 'A Road From A Flood', sounds competent enough but I think I'll fall asleep if I had to listen to it for much longer. Think "beardy Elbow" and you won't be far off.

Things are beginning to look up with Hejira with their double A-side featuring 'Echoes' and 'Dancing Around Control'. The latter doesn't really get the toes tapping any more than what we've had so far this week but at least it sounds a little different with its driving percussion pushing things on. Definitely marking the band out as one to keep an eye on as they have the potential to do something a little more special in the future.

If folk is more your thing then the Americana tinged Elephant Rival will likely appeal. It's certainly a bit more upbeat than most of the tracks that are sat in my inbox. Still fails to really grab me and force itself into my ears though.

If there is one thing that Falls prove is that North Wales can churn out grunge-rock just as well as almost anywhere else. The only problem is that 'Hammers' doesn't offer any real cross-over appeal. Their current fans will love this - the rest of us are left hoping that their next single offers us a little more. Israel Nash's 'Rain Plans' is another example of a track that does everything it set out to achieve but fails to offer anything that we've not heard a million times before. Same can be said of Fozzy who, with 'Lights Go Out', manage to turn in a decent but massively derivative rock effort.

Sheffield's The Gentlemen threw me off the scent by releasing 'This Is Where' with a particularly drab cover that suggests yet more navel gazing Mumford folk but actually sounds pretty unique - guitar driven but with a late eighties sound, 'This Is Where' is the first track this week that I'd listen to out of choice again. Win!

Unfortunately, the high that The Gentlemen brought was quickly demolished by more identikit noise from Cheetahs, 'Leave To Remain' really doesn't do anything other than lay vocals on top of what appears to be drum punctuated white noise. No thanks.

'American Interior' by Gruff Rhys is another dreary attempt at doing not a lot. I hate using the term as it's lazy, but as with most things I've endured this morning, so is this track so I will resort to saying its boring.

It just remains for Augustines save the week from being a near-total washout - and guess what... They manage it. 'Now You Are Free' has the tune, the drive AND the passion to make it this week's standout track by a huge margin. Anthemic and enjoyable rock that will have a shelf life longer than a few minutes by far.

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