Singles Roundup: 17th August 2014

Time again for singles, a chance to drink from the cup of musical wonders. Not for us the sounds of our chosen artists or genres. For one day a week, walk with us into our "playlist" of the week's new morsels.

Christ, where have this lot been? Some faces from the past kick off this week as The Magic Numbers return with ‘E.N.D’, a kind of 70s slow jam of a tune. The music is a million miles away from their folky anthems of yore but they still sound like themselves. It’s actually pretty good.

Well, ‘This Is Where I Want To Be’ from brother and sister duo Lucy and Thom Southern, or *cough* Southern is ace. It’s bluesy, groovy, and catchy, everything a single should be… until about halfway through when it all goes a bit obvious indie. Still, it’s the best thing this week - and promising, very promising (as long as they can reign in the more cliched sounds).

“Hello, this is Suggs! I’d like to introduce the new single from Madness” Suggs didn’t say. Gorgeous George’s ‘Girls Night Out’ couldn’t be more Madness if it was a piss take. There’s trumpet, a Londoner vocalist, and the video even references ‘Baggy Trousers’. They’re trying to be a little too clever. Yet it’s ear-wormy - annoyingly so.

Dripping with a phat, yes phat, bassline, ‘March Over To Me’ is a decent stab at… oh hang on this isn’t the single. Damn emails and embedding videos. Right, ‘Go Quietly’ - which is definitely the single - is a little off kilter indie pop number. Whilst that doesn’t sound too inspiring, Little Scout’s debut track is good. Really good, actually. Watch it below.

As painful as it is to continue being positive, this week sees a more than solid selection. Wild Smiles have riffs, melodies and an edge to their vocals - and they’re very Foo Fighters-y, which will either put you right off or get you watching the video.

Mallory Knox. Wasn’t she someone from school? Turns out this Mallory Knox is a hard rocking five piece and ‘Ghost In The Mirror’ is... alright. With all the tropes of this kind of Reading & Leeds Festival-friendly rock music present and correct this will get you in the mood if you’re off to the festival. (If you are they're on the Main Stage somewhere. Shocker!)

You’re expecting us to have this as “Single Of The Week” aren’t you? Go on admit it. You know there’s love around these parts for Lana Del Rey, you know what the verdict is. But it's not the best single of the week. That'd be Little Scout.

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