Singles Round-Up: w/c 26th January 2015

Where the FA Cup is often unpredictable, our weekly Singles Round-Up often isn't. There'll be some clunkers and a couple of tracks (if we're lucky) will rise above the rest. This week is no exception.

Get past the irritating-to-type band moniker and 'Burrow' from Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love is an enjoyable slice of scuzzy lo-fi folk and at least makes an impression, unlike 'Let It Go' from To Be Frank which is slow to the point of being stationary despite the decent vocals.

Talking of not going anywhere, duo Signal's clattering 'An Eternal Recurrence' consistently threatens to come to life without ever really doing so. Sounding as though it comes from a completely different era to Signal are White Fence with 'Anger! Who Keeps You Under', a title that might make you think of heavy riffs but is instead a burst of retro psychedelia from Tim Presley, formerly of The Nerve Agents and Darker My Love.

A duo of electro pop ditties plays us out this week. Tove Stryke's 'Ego' is the quirkier and more playful of the two, where Indiana's 'Only The Lonely' goes for the more traditional dancefloor-filler route and is one of the best tracks on her upcoming debut album No Romeo. Both are great. Personal tastes will dictate which edges which out as this week's Single of the Week.

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