Singles Round-Up: w/c 19th January 2015 - Singles Round-up: w/c 19th January 2015

Perhaps you could go and make yourself a cup of tea?

We've got ten minutes to fill and not much to talk about.

With 'Panda Pains', Seazoo are continuing in the fine tradition of Welsh bedroom pop (cf. The Pooh Sticks, Helen Love). It probably needs to be quirkier, but top marks for the authentically cheap keyboard sound. At the other end of the sonic spectrum, it's a bit politics from Enter Shikari, still pumping out their brand of electro-metal while bigging up the NHS. Their's is a genre that's generally forgotten until another ES record lands in your inbox, and so while Anaesthetist is nothing new, fans should be satisfied - even if they are getting to an age where they find the mosh pit a tad rough these days.

Mellow, warm, acoustic-driven laid-backness from Astronauts and 'In My Direction'. It takes a while to build but the accompanying video is oddly engaging. If you've stayed this long, this is worth five minutes of your time.

Uh... so what you doing at the weekend?


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