Singles Round-Up - 27th July 2014

How the music gods curse us! YOU may be enjoying the sun, WE are inside listening to music. For if we do not, we will surely be sent to Hades with only Rod Stewart for company.

Let's see how quickly we can get this done and dusted with.

Not sure where Manchester's Love For Zero fit into the scheme of things. Too adult pop for the student market, they have a sophisticated, almost muso quality that is the kind of thing that might get them a Maroon 5 support, but then you never hear of those acts after the fact. It's a problem also faced by the more indie stylings of Calling All Cars: they just sound too polished, too much like the finished product. It's a market built on the hope of getting picked up for a TV advert ('Standing In The Ocean' has whistling) but when has that ever turned into a career?

Dagny is Norwegian, which fails to explain her jaunty folk-flecked pop. I'll be honest (and you want me to be honest, right?) - I am sick to the tits of this stuff. I mean, 'I Say' has what appears to be a comb-and-paper solo if you need any more ammunition. If Cath Kidston made a record, it would sound like this. Chuffing hell. Carousels & Limousines sooth the beast a little with their honest, warm-hearted ("She's unstable, but able to speak the words") indie. There's a sense that they like Stereophonics, Embrace or maybe even Pearl Jam, but 'Superman' comes over somehow better than that.

O-Town is, obviously, utter gash, even though I have no idea who they are.

Single of the Week

Sometimes shit comes out of nowhere. Rhyan is 16 but sounds 20 years older. Dude has got himself an awesome video that actually means something. If he doesn't have a contract by the end of the week, write to your MP.

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