Singles Round Up: 1st June 2014

What’s that? You want another top ten? Sorry, we haven’t got ten singles this week which means less to work with and an early trip down the pub for a pint. How's about the treat of some “one listen reviews” instead?

The opening 30 seconds of Lola Colt’s ‘Vacant Hearts’ is very reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane’s ‘Somebody To Love’, which is a good thing. The band come highly recommended from some of our peers and you can see why. Their sound is somehow very now, but also a little different. Very likeable actually.

Enrique Iglesias used to be pretty inoffensive but getting together with Florida (he has no chance of getting a space in his name) is a mistake. The rap bit is just shit and they couldn’t even be arsed with a proper video. ‘There Goes My Baby' indeed - she’d probably had enough of this crap.

Dukes Avenue will make you happy. Great soulful vocals, deliberate drumming, dramatic production. ‘Beautiful Girl' is powerful and satisfying. Make sense?

‘All Up To Me’ is bang on trend: harmonies of the bloke / bird kind, acoustic guitar strumming, some strings, it’s got the lot. Still, Chains do a pretty decent job - it’s a nice song. You might only listen to it once but you’ll enjoy it.

Now Metronomy’s latest album is fantastic and this Nintendo sounding track, ‘Reservoir’, sums up all that’s good about it. Simple, happy, melodic, effective; if you like this then get the album Love Letters.

Australia’s Howling Bells are a band that are often better on paper than reality. ‘Your Love’ is alright, but it maintains their middling record. Solid indie but not much more.

If there’s any sort of music that can go one of two ways it’s dance, which means that Wilkinson could be in trouble. Not only are they named after the successor to Woolworths' high street crown but they’re described as “hottest new D&B producer and DJ” in the press release. Not promising. But actually, it’s alright. If you’re into drum and bass.

Another collective that should appeal is Juffage, an amalgam of bits of Sky Larkin, Wild Beasts, Vessels, and Invisible Cities. ‘Last Few True’ is really special, a sum of its parts. The lovely voice carries the first three minutes before descending into a frenzy of guitar, then mellowing out again. Atmospheric, classic art rock.

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